6 Ways to Establish Yourself as an Industry Influencer

DJ Business CardsBy Stacy Zemon, Editor & Chief Scribe

You’re an excellent DJ/MC. You’ve been in our industry for a number of years and have dealt with a variety of situations that would qualify you as an expert by anybody’s standards. Now is the time to divulge your knowledge to your prospects and peers.

Being an influencer carries many advantages. It can drum up publicity for your DJ service, attract even more clients and demonstrate your proficiency. When people want to book a DJ they will trust that your company is the best choice for them because you know what you’re talking about. The benefits are numerous.

Here are six ways that you can establish your industry influencer status.

1. Create videos

Videos are a good way to show whom you are and add a personal touch to your business. In videos, you should go on camera and talk about a topic that your wedding clients might be interested in. You can also showcase products you’re currently offering such as uplighting or photobooths. You’ll also want to keep your video short, because most users don’t want to watch more than 3 minutes’ worth of content.

2. Produce a company blog

A well-done company blog will drive traffic to your website. Once potential or current clients are there, they might explore the products you have to offer them, or they may share your posts within their networks.

You should update your company blog once a week, and include posts on a number of different subjects related to our industry. Don’t promote your products and services too often (throw the promos into the mix, but certainly don’t focus on them.) Like video blogs, the quality of the content on your company blog is imperative.

Make your blog posts about 500 words long. They should be engaging, informative and appealing to your audience. To figure out which blog posts are the most popular, install social-media buttons at the bottom of your posts to see which ones are commonly shared and add in a comments box so visitors can give their opinions.

3. Give interviews

When possible, give interviews on local TV or radio stations. Or ask publications to reach out to you if they need someone to speak on a topic that you are an expert on. This will allow people who never knew you existed to have the chance to see what you are all about.

During your interview or talking point, share information pertaining to your DJ business as this will make you seem helpful, knowledgeable and giving – all traits which will garner you more attention and respect.

4. Write a book

Just as you share tips and such with your customers on your blog, it is also a great idea to write a book, even if it’s short. You can even turn your existing blog posts into a Kindle book and publish on Amazon. I’ve written the five world’s best-selling DJ books, which has largely contributed to my status as an industry leader.

5. Speak at DJ conferences

Reach out and see if you can give a seminar or be a panelist at one or more of the DJ conferences that take place every year. This is a great way to position yourself as an authoritative figure in the industry.

6. Start a podcast

Podcasting is a wonderful tool to utilize in order to increase your outreach and confirm your position as an authority in the DJ industry. Use the podcast to share some useful tidbits about your business, along with advice that prospects will find helpful.