A Major Change at ProMobileDJ.com


By Stu Chisholm, “The Complete Disc Jockey”

“A change is gonna come” – Sam Cooke

The only thing that will never change is change itself, and 2016 has been a year of major change. Some might even say upheaval! ProMobileDJ.com is no exception. Our Founder, former Publisher and current Editor, Chief Scribe, and all around rockstar of the DJ world, Stacy Zemon, has decided to retire from the DJ industry after 38 years in the business at the start of 2017. She sold this website to N.A.M.E., the National Association of Mobile Entertainers.

Naturally, Stacy is not a person easily replaced! Carol Keslar, the director of N.A.M.E. was wise enough to realize this, so she has brought in two people to which the editorial baton shall be passed, Debra Maurer and yours truly.

I run seven different businesses under my SAHC Group banner. Aside from my DJ service, I have a production arm, a media arm (which these columns fall under, along with all of my books and writing projects), I’m an ordained secular minister, which allows me to perform wedding ceremonies, I’m a certified firearms instructor and, sometime in June 2017, I’ll be a licensed massage therapist (LMT).

Now, I can add one more job to the list: co-editor of ProMobileDJ.com. I was extremely honored and excited when Stacy recommended me and Carol made the offer, and I’m extremely happy to have a great partner in the form of Debra, who will not only be editing, but will be in charge of social media for PMDJ, including our Facebook page. I’m looking forward to the job ahead!

I began writing back in broadcasting school, creating commercial and news copy, and when I began my mobile DJ career, began scripting my events. I wrote copy for cable TV productions, national ad campaigns, and in 2005, was asked to write for Mobile Beat. Since then, I’ve written two books, write two regular DJ-related columns and am a frequent contributor to several other publications. In short, I have the “writing bug.”

Our entire staff is committed to making sure that the look, feel, content and all of the things that have made ProMobileDJ.com a great success will remain the same. Under Stacy Zemon’s leadership over the past nearly seven years, the website has become the #1 DJ source in the world for free educational articles and videos. That is quite a legacy she is leaving behind, and we take this “passing of the baton” very seriously!

Working DJs know that the best gigs are collaborations between the entertainer and the client. The closer we work with our clients, and the better the information we get from them, the smoother and more spectacular our events are!

This is true, too, for every great publication. So, YOUR INPUT IS REQUESTED! Your previous site reviews are very much appreciated; however, going forward, I would like to know three things:

1. What do you like most and/or look forward to from every article and/or video?
2. What would you like to see here that we don’t currently present?
3. Is there something you get elsewhere that you’re not getting from us?

Please send your feedback to: DJStuCrew@gmail.com.

Let’s make 2017 the best year ever for all of us!