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9 Actions to Go Beyond Customer Expectations

Customer Expectations

By Doug Sandler, “Nice Guys Finish First” From the moment our customers initiate communication with us, or when we reach out to them, we have within our power, an opportunity to create a wonderful experience. Regardless of the position we hold within our organization, understanding our customer’s expectations is essential for creating amazing, long lasting,…

10 Ways to Avoid Quitting on Your Goals and Dreams

Goals and Dreams

By Doug Sandler, “Nice Guys Finish First” Success is not always achieved by the fastest, the smartest, the richest or even to the most capable people out there. Life has taught me success goes to anyone that simply doesn’t quit. Stay on the path made by others before you or make your own path, it…

The Mobile DJ & Advertisement Dollars


By Lou Paris, Guest Writer As a mobile DJ you may wonder where to spend your advertisement budget on. There are a cornucopia of sites, expos, and other sources that will gladly take your money. But what is a good return on investment? Here are some sources I have explored with my business and hopefully…

A New Year, A New Direction


By Stu Chisholm, “The Complete Disc Jockey” As readers of Mobile Beat know, my column, “The Complete Disc Jockey” is on hiatus. Instead, a new mini-column (the magazine version of a TV “mini-series”) called “From The Ground Up” has temporarily taken over. In it, I detail the complete overhaul of my DJ business of 35…

How To Cater Your Marketing


By K.C. KoKoruz, “The Science of Marketing” 45% of the world thinks with the left side of their brain. 45% of the world thinks with the right side of their brain. Only 10% of the world thinks with both sides equally. Do you find yourself being drawn to ads that are based on emotion and…

Why Brides Ask About Price First


By Rick Brewer, Guest Writer Seems like almost every client that comes through a wedding professionals doors will ask one question before all others; “How much”. There are three basic reasons for this and learning to overcome these three reasons will help you to take your prospects further in the buying process, which we all…

Low Cost Marketing Tools for DJs

Marketing Tools

By Dave Austin, “Music Professor” Last month, I discussed an advertising principle known as Top of Mind Awareness and talked a bit about how we, as DJ business operators can employ that powerful tool.  That topic comes from a marketing presentation which I’ve done for several organizations recently.  In this program, I also talk about other inexpensive marketing techniques…

How To Backup Your Music Library

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What DJs Can Learn from Car Sales People

Gregg Hollmann and Wife

By Gregg Hollmann, “Party Professional” I recently purchased a new Sports Utility Vehicle. In this article, I share some of the specific sales techniques used by the dealership. Many of these techniques can be applied towards selling DJ entertainment services. Cars and entertainment services are not exactly comparable, but there are similarities. Cars and entertainment…

4 Actions to Keep a Customer for Life

Customer for life

By Doug Sandler, “Nice Guys Finish First” Think about the last exceptional customer service experience you had and what it was that made the experience so incredible. Exceptional experiences are usually created because of the efforts of just one person or a small team. And while I fully believe it takes a village to create…