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Write for Pro Mobile DJ!

Do you have an area of specialty as a DJ at which you excel?  Do you have a lot to say but lack the ability to reach a mass audience? Do you want to write for Pro Mobile DJ?  Then look no further.  The blog began in Feb., 2010 and we already have over 10,000…

How To Thrive in a Down Economy

Guest post by Alan Dodson, DJ/MC/Game Master. We are living in a time of economic uncertainty where goods and services are controlled by the law of supply and demand as well as available funds and budgets.  So, how can a professional mobile DJ maintain a demand for his or her services and receive a top…

Wealth Consciousness – The Source of All Abundance

Money Tree

In today’s economy, it seems like now more than ever the value of creating wealth and financial freedom is paramount. But what to do? The real question should be: “What are you here to do?” We all have a burning desire in us, something that we are meant to do.  One example is MC Johnny…



Take a journey with me to a magical location in space and time somewhere between Possibility Street and Reality Lane. The only limits here are those of your own imagination. Our ship has landed and we have arrived at the theater right on time.  The curtain is going up and… IT’S SHOW TIME YOU are…

Top 5 Traits of Successful DJs

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1.  Constant desire to always improve their performances The top DJs in the business are always striving to make their performances better.  Whether it’s improving their personality on the mic or having better song transitions, the top DJs are always looking on ways to fine tune their performance into one that captures the crowd. 2….