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DJ Request Burnout

DJ Brian S. Redd talks about ways to cope with it.

“Temples of Sound” – Legendary Recording Studios

Recording Studio

By Dave Austin, “Music Professor” I grew up in a small southern town and became involved in music recording about the same time I entered my teen years.  Some buddies and I formed a band when we were thirteen years old and would frequently practice at a local radio station after it had signed off…

Music Giants You’ve Never Heard Of

The Rutles

By Dave Austin, “Music Professor” I had a rather lengthy meeting last evening with a bride and groom, and among the numerous topics discussed, were song selections for their ceremony and reception.  The couple want several selections that are a departure from the usual songs we expect. With this in mind, I found myself thinking…

Intermediate DJ Lesson on Snapping in the Loop

ellaskins (aka DJ Tutor) gives a lesson on snapping a loop into your music set.

Playing Smooth Jazz at Events

Smooth Jazz

By Dave Austin, “Music Professor” You, too, may have attended an event at which the background music just wasn’t quite appropriate and intruded on that time when guests were enjoying their cocktail, socializing, or having dinner.  A recent question posted by a fellow DJ struck on this topic when he asked about using smooth jazz…

Set Lists vs Music Programing – What’s The Difference?

The Pioneer DDJ SZ

See how a Club DJ Uses It!

Can’t Beatmix to Save Your Life? Use the Drop!

Ellaskins (aka DJ Tutor) shows you how to do drop mixes. For more videos from him, visit