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Are You Too Old To DJ?

Check out this video and an article on the subject –

Practice Your Craft to Become Good at It

Practice Makes Perfect

By Dave Austin, “Music Professor” I heard an interesting story a few days ago about the famous artist, Pablo Picasso. Picasso was approached by an admirer who proffered a piece of paper and asked him to do a drawing for her. With a smile, the master quickly drew a small piece of art and handed…

Nothing Can Be Taken For Granted

Ben Stowe On The Job

By Ben Stowe, “Sound & Lighting Guru” This past week I was mixing sound for a nationally touring act at a fairgrounds grandstand. After supervising the load-in and setting of the arrays I set about tuning the rig and putting settings into the mixing board. I’ve found that little things like the way I soft-patch…

The Power of Practice and Training


By Alan Dodson, “Wedding Wizard” “Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.”- Unknown I am sure that I am like many people. I study, learn, practice and so something until I develop a confidence that I have it as perfect as it can be. Regardless of if that…

Start-up DJ Entrepreneurs vs. Bottom-Feeder DJs

Bad DJ Set-Up

By Jerry Bazata, “Money Answer Man” In a recent article I provided some insight into the costs of starting a DJ business in today’s market, which created a great deal of discussion and debate on Facebook. In reading most of the comments, there appeared to be a fair amount of confusion about the difference between…

7 Motivational Navy SEAL Sayings

Navy Seals

Here are seven Navy SEAL sayings to keep in mind while moving toward achieving your personal and professional goals as a mobile DJ. 1. The only easy day was yesterday. This is one of the more well-known sayings of the SEALs. When constantly pushing yourself to excel, there will be challenges that make every day…

Do you have Drive and Determination?

Drive and Determination

By Jerry Bazata, “Money Answer Man” As DJ business owners we all face the highs and lows of closing new clients, taking its toll on us both mentally and physically. Each day we are challenged to meet new obstacles, defend our brand and reputation and meet the competition head on, sometimes resulting in defeat. A…

Reflections About Leadership


Leading isn’t easy. In fact, there’s a reason why they say, “it’s lonely at the top.” Leaders must make decisions that serve the greater purpose of the company, thereby removing emotion and self-interest from the equation. People often have their own vision of what a leader does and how he or she is supposed to…

The Importance of just “One” Moment

2014 Winter Olympics

By Liz Daley, WED®, ABC™ “A Passion for Performance” In the past I have likened weddings to live television awards shows, in the sense that there is only one chance to get it right, and if something goes awry, you have to make it work. At least with a Broadway show, there is always the…

Be a more interactive DJ with Shani Barnett

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