Creative Mitzvah Grand Entrances

by Adam Hirschhorn

The Grand Entrance is the formal and festive introduction of the Bar Mitzvah boy or Bat Mitzvah girl, their parents, and their siblings.

Ranging from simple to extravagant, it offers an initial opportunity for everyone in attendance to be included in the party.

The Grand Entrance provides a chance for the guests to share show their joy by communicating their excitement to the hosts, the hosts’ family, and most especially to the Guest of Honor!

When orchestrating a Grand Entrance, I aim to stage it in a dramatic way that lets all in attendance know that the event is going to be a one-of-a-kind celebration filled with entertainment and excitement!

Dare To Be Different

In a typical Mitzvah Grand Entrance, the emcee lines up the Mitzvah family, introduces them one at a time along with their pre-selected song. All of the guests expect this because they’ve seen it done this way time and time again.

Personally, I believe that this party-opener sets the tone for an affair, and it is usually one of the most memorable parts of it. Because of this, I like to do something different and original that incorporates the Mitzvah theme, and is something that people have likely not seen before.

How I Create Drama

At many of my company’s Mitzvahs, we use large video screens. To customize the Grand Entrance introductions, we create an HD video entrance. Before the event, my production team, videographer and I consult with the client to obtain relevant family information. We also ask about the event’s theme so this can also be incorporated in the video. A high-energy musical intro helps to build the suspense.

At the live event, we build the anticipation in the room by having the guests view the video before the guest of honor is announced into the room. The lights fade to black and then we shine lights on the entryway just as the Mitzvah child is announced and walks into the room surrounded by our interactive dancers.

How Do I Pull This Off?

In one of his articles, DJ Jason Jani wrote about creating power partnerships with other event professionals. I agree about how valuable this can be, and work with some talented videographers who help me create the Grand Entrance videos.

I have found that both videographers and editors enjoy making these videos because they are able to use their creative minds. They have also hopped on-board to create the videos because they are now offering the Grand Entrance video as an upsell to their clients.

If you want to do this yourself without help from a professional videographer, Adobe Premier for PC and iMovie for Mac are two software programs I recommend.

Use Testimonials to Gain More Clients

Adam, your idea for the Bat Mitzvah entrance was genius. Everyone still is talking about the video you and your team created for Sarabeth. The music that you suggested for the background, the live voice-over and story you created was spectacular. We still feel our hearts pounding waiting to be announced into the room. Our daughter’s friends are still talking about the event. Thank you!”

Howard and Annalisa Goldberg

How do you make your Grand Entrance different that gets the guests talking?

Adam Hirschhorn – Mitzvah Mastermind

Adam J. Hirschhorn (A.K.A. Adam J.) is an MC, DJ, business owner and entertainment innovator. He started AJH Entertainment at the young age of thirteen and over a decade later, Adam has grown it into a thriving operation with two locations; one in NJ and the other in PA as Flare Event Group (a preferred vendor in the legendary Bobby Morganstein’s “Beat Street” party facilities). Both of Adam’s companies provide general DJ services but specialize in Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. A graduate of Rowan University with a degree in education, Adam uses his knowledge for the benefit of his DJs and MCs during their monthly training sessions. In addition to his event work, Adam DJ’s at nightclubs during the week, and holds residencies at Trump Plaza Beach Bar in Atlantic City and Bar Anticipation during the summer months. To contact him email or visit his websites and