How Do I "Pin" FUN?


By Liz Daley, WED®, ABC™
“A Passion for Performance”

Bridal Magazines stay in business because of jewelry and dress advertisements. I understand. It’s a business.

I also understand that it’s very helpful to see images of cool decorating and catering ideas in these magazines, especially since most of us are completely devoid of decorating and culinary skill. Okay, yes, I’m speaking about myself.

But the thing that bothers me is that there are hardly any articles written about the fun? Isn’t that the purpose of a wedding celebration…to have FUN?

How Do You Create Fun?

Creating Fun is a talent and a skill that deserves just as much attention as the couture dresses, the fine cuisine and the immaculate design.

Of course, I don’t know if that will ever actually happen, but a girl can dream. I’ve seen so many articles refer to tchotchkes as “fun.” REALLY? Napkins, Pinecones, Unicorn straws, whatever: They are not “fun”! They are expensive novelty items.

Fun is much more elusive, but you certainly know it when you experience it. That is why hiring the best wedding entertainment is so imperative. It will make a difference in the ultimate outcome of your wedding day.

What is Fun?

Some people describe fun as sitting on a tropical beach drinking an adult beverage with a fancy name.

Some people enjoy jumping out of perfectly good airplane or diving into the ocean just to get violated by Dolphins.

Some people actually enjoy the mosh pit at CoCo Bongo while others prefer bottle service in the VIP area.

Every person, every couple has their own description of fun. Why should you accept “just music” or “just a DJ” or “just a band” for your wedding. There are so many options. You just have to look for them. Creating fun is so much more than just a “playlist.”

Make it Personal

Regardless of what you think is fun, make sure to procure the wedding entertainment that understands YOUR vision and will help YOU make it a reality.

In order to do this, you will probably have to sift through a lot of “frogs” before you find the “prince.” But I repeat; it will make a difference in the ultimate outcome of your wedding day.

Make Sure to “Pin” the Fun!

Wedding DJs and Entertainers, I implore you. Share the fun on Pinterest. Share your photos of people laughing. Share your videos of personalization. Share your photos of people enjoying the party. Alcohol and a good song will fill the dance floor. Show us more because there is so much more! Pin that!