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    Pssst… There’s Money In The Photo Booth!

    By Robert Lindquist Originally patented in 1888, the photo booth (aka “automated photography machine”) first gained popularity at penny arcades, amusement parks, and carnivals.  To receive your photographic mementos, you just slid behind the curtain, adjusted [...]

    All Aboard!

    Dennis M. Kintzer – Editor – ProMobileDJ.com To the ProMobileDJ Community: Most people have probably played Monopoly© and mispronounced the “Reading Railroad” (that drives me nuts…but hey, I get it).  It may come as a surprise [...]

Branding Your Company


Embrace Your Competition

By Stacy Zemon: DJ business owners often view their competitors as the enemy, but that’s shortsighted. Here’s how the competition can help keep you in the lead. Stop viewing your competition as the enemy and […]


Is Your Ego Getting in Your Way?

By Stacy Zemon Have you ever met another DJ with a big ego? I know, it’s a silly question because most of us have, shall I say, very “healthy” egos. We’re performers and can’t help […]

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The Jersey Sweet 16

  With the onset and departure of MTV’s hit series “The Jersey Shore”, New Jersey has intrigued the country with terms like GTL (Gym, Tan, [...]
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New Mobile DJ Trussing Solutions

By Stacy Zemon, Publisher & Chief Scribe If you’re looking for a free-standing, easy-to-assemble, affordable trussing solution, look no further that the TRUSST® Arch Kit [...]

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