Raising the BAR Mitzvah with Dance Motivators!

by Adam Hirschhorn

Most Bar/Bat Mitzvah DJ companies offer dance motivators as part of a package or as an a la carte add on.

While these “extras” may not be necessary to show everyone a good time, they certainly do make a worthwhile investment into the overall party experience because of how they help the MC throughout the course of an event.

How Do Motivators Help the MC?

If you have a dance floor packed with 150-250 kids and adults, and only one MC leading things, dance motivators can help to create a higher level of energy on the dance floor.

I strongly recommend motivators if you are having a large number of children, have a group that might need a little bit of a “friendly push,” or have a group of girls or boys that wants to learn the hottest new dance moves.

I usually like to tell my clients that there should be one motivator for every twenty to twenty five kids. Dance motivators always seem to bring the party’s energy level up a notch and they also have that “coolness” factor with the kids.

Find Them Via Past Guests and Dance Teams, Clubs & Schools

Many dance motivators are in their late teens to late twenties. Over the years I have used many different ways to look for my talent. Some of my best motivators were past guests at my events or one of my Mitzvah/Sweet 16 girls, who contacted me when they were of old enough to work.

Colleges have professional dance teams and dance clubs. Within a five-mile radius of my office there’s ten dance schools. I contacted and met with the person in charge of the programs to explain what we do on the weekends.

By doing this I’ve obtained amazing talented female and male dancers from these establishments, and had the opportunity to do events for the colleges and dance schools.

My dancers have become my biggest promoters for the private events. They wear my company tee shirts on campus and around town, have conversations with family and friends, and are always on the look out for new fresh talent and special events for me.

And At Local Nightclubs

Another place I have found party motivators is in local nightclubs. If there is one person you want at an event to entertain, it’s someone that loves to have fun on a Friday or Saturday night, dancing.

I have found my best male break-dancers at local venues. Initially I may get a weird response when I introduce myself, but I give them a business card and say, “If you love to dance, are good with kids, and you want to make some extra money on the weekends, give me a call.” Typically, my phone rings the next day!

While dance motivators aren’t a necessity for Mitzvahs, they will make your life easier and add to an amazing party by helping the MC engage guests of all ages with line dances, follow-alongs, games, contests, and great music.

Give a shout! How and where do you find dance motivators for your events?

Adam Hirschhorn – Mitzvah Mastermind

Adam J. Hirschhorn (A.K.A. Adam J.) is an MC, DJ, business owner and entertainment innovator. He started AJH Entertainment at the young age of thirteen and over a decade later, Adam has grown it into a thriving operation with two locations; one in NJ and the other in PA as Flare Event Group (a preferred vendor in the legendary Bobby Morganstein’s “Beat Street” party facilities). Both of Adam’s companies provide general DJ services but specialize in Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. A graduate of Rowan University with a degree in education, Adam uses his knowledge for the benefit of his DJs and MCs during their monthly training sessions. In addition to his event work, Adam DJ’s at nightclubs during the week, and holds residencies at Trump Plaza Beach Bar in Atlantic City and Bar Anticipation during the summer months. To contact him email adam@ajhentertainment.com or visit his websites ajhent.com and flareeventgroup.com.