The New Beamz Interactive Music System

Beamz Interactive’s new and improved interactive music system has a smaller-footprint with four laser beams that trigger up to 12 different instruments, music clips, sound effects, or vocals.

As you pass your hands through the beams, each beam triggers a different pre-programmed instrument, rhythm or sound, so you can easily arrange and create music each time you play a song.

The Beamz Player is available for purchase at for $199.95. In addition, users may also purchase the new Beamz height adjustable stand, which provides an easy and convenient storage display option for $49.95. And, Beamz is developing a software developer’s kit (available in Q3) so that software publishers may create gaming or any other applications to use the Beamz Player as a laser controller.

Can you say, “Party Upsell” boys and girls?

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