The Shoelywed Game


By Robert Riley, “DJ Mastermind”

Its been 23 years since I moved my first guests on the dancefloor and let me tell you, I have seen trends come and go, Weddings are one of the fastest turnarounds for trends you will ever see. Every year there is something new, from uplighting, to monograms, color palettes to dress designs, but one thing always remains the same, the need for a fun and entertaining wedding, and nothing brings out the fun like wedding games.

One of the biggest trends this season has been the bride and groom playing the Shoelywed game.  I have not always a fan of games at weddings, I was initially skeptical the first time I saw it played during the reception. But the more my clients started to request it the more i realized it was time to learn how to perform this interesting game .  It’s fun, entertaining, and the guests come away knowing the bride and groom even better by seeing a glimpse into their relationship.  I prefer to have the bride and groom play the game right after the cake cutting that way the guests are enjoying their cake while watching the game.

Here’s how it’s played:

Two chairs are placed back to back and the bride and groom each sit in a chair. Each should remove their shoes. The bride should take one of the groom’s shoes in one hand and her shoe in the other hand. The groom should do the same with one of the bride’s shoes and one of his shoes. The MC or DJ will then ask questions of the couple and the couple should raise the appropriate shoe which they think is the correct answer the question.   If you they don’t want to use their actual shoes they can substitute different colored flip flops or dolls.

Sample Questions:

Who’s the better cook?
Who spends the most money?
Who’s the better driver?
Who made the first move?
Who said “I love you” first?
Who wears the pants in the family?
Who takes the longest to get ready when you go out?
Between the two of you, who is late for everything?

For more information on the shoelywed game, or to just get a copy of my questions that I use, email me at  or for the best version of the game contact the Game Master Scott Favor ( I have learned a lot about games from this man.)

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