The "Straw Lifesaver Challenge" Game

by Adam Hirschhorn

The number one comment that I have been hearing from both the parents and the guest of honor at Mitzvahs, is that they are sick of the “old” games. The classic Coke and Pepsi game is boring and the Mummy Wrap should be laid to rest. As a result, I have stepped up my game to become a more innovative MC.

New Games for the DJ Expo

At this year’s International DJ Expo, I was given the opportunity by Darryl Jacobson from Affair 2 Remember in NJ, to teach some new games in his games seminar.

My challenge? To bring something fresh, new, and exciting that everybody in the room could use at Mitzvahs, Kids Parties, Communions, and even Corporate Events.

The two games that I presented were, “Tape Train” and “Straw Lifesaver Challenge.” I’m happy to report that the challenge was met and both were a success that got rave reviews from the players and spectators.

I actually learned this game at an icebreaker and team building seminar that I attended last March.

Straw Lifesaver Challenge

What you need: Lifesavers and Cocktail Straws or Plastic Coffee Stirrers

What To Do: To begin, divide the participants into 2 even teams and line up all the participants standing up.

Provide each player with one cocktail straw to hold in their mouth (with the end sticking out of their mouth), and one lifesaver per team.

The first player in the line is given a lifesaver candy to hold with their straw.  That player will slide the lifesaver onto the straw they are holding with their mouth.

On the word “Go!” players begin to transfer the lifesaver from straw to straw without using their hands. If the lifesaver drops, players must start at the first player again.

The first team to successfully get the lifesaver transferred down the entire team to the very last player wins the race.

Try this game out with kids (not too young) or adults for yourself, and let me know how it works for you!

Photos courtesy: Hurricane Productions.  To view their other pictures from the DJ Expo, click here.

Adam Hirschhorn – Mr. Mitzvah

Adam J. Hirschhorn (A.K.A. Adam J.) is an MC, DJ, business owner and entertainment innovator.

He started AJH Entertainment at the young age of thirteen and over a decade later, Adam has grown it into a thriving operation with two locations; one in NJ and the other in PA as Flare Event Group (a preferred vendor in the legendary Bobby Morganstein’s “Beat Street” party facilities). Both of Adam’s companies provide general DJ services but specialize in Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

A graduate of Rowan University with a degree in education, Adam uses his knowledge for the benefit of his DJs and MCs during their monthly training sessions.

In addition to his event work, Adam DJ’s at nightclubs during the week, and holds residencies at Trump Plaza Beach Bar in Atlantic City and Bar Anticipation during the summer months.

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