You Are the Unique Advantage

be yourself

By Alan Dodson, “Wedding Wizard”

Someone once said, “To sell successfully, you need to be as aggressive as Donald Trump, as innovative as Albert Einstein, as independent as Katharine Hepburn, as analytical as Sherlock Holmes, as funny as Bill Cosby, as poised as Cary Grant, as driven as Will Smith, with a smile that rivals Meg Ryan’s!”

THIS IS JUST NOT SO! You just have to be YOU! You are your unique selling point!

In making presentations to potential wedding clients, you get hired because of YOUR values, beliefs, experience, qualifications and convictions. You don’t get hired to be someone else. The only aspect you offer that is totally exclusive is YOU! This also adds to your value because nobody can “do the same thing for less!”

You should use this to your advantage. YOU are the unique advantage that you have each and every time you meet with a potential client. You should communicate that unique advantage each and every time you interact with your prospects.

There are five (5) reasons people don’t hire you. Here are the first four: no want, no need, no hurry, and no money. We are fortunate in the wedding business because they have the want, they have the need, there may be a hurry and the money is inconsequential in the sales process. They will find the money when they fall in love with you and your vision for their day.

The fifth reason is the most difficult to overcome. The fifth reason is NO TRUST! You win people over by sharing your values, beliefs, experience, qualifications and convictions with them. You build trust by being yourself. You win a person’s confidence by being consistent over a period of time.

There is nobody that can be a better YOU! And certainly don’t try to be somebody that you are not. It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but imitation done poorly is cheesy and without imagination.

You’ve had a lot of practice being yourself. Use it to your advantage! Listen twice as much as you talk, lead the client down the “yellow brick road” to a perfect wedding day, and be yourself. They will trust you, they will like you and they will become your friends for life. Moreover, they will not consider anyone else but you as their entertainer and MC for their wedding day.


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