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Carol and StacyDear Mobile DJ,

Welcome to ProMobileDJ.com! Hi, I’m Carol Keslar, proud president of the National Association of Mobile Entertainers (N.A.M.E.) and the new Publisher of this website.

Because I found this website to be so compelling, in 2016 I purchased PMDJ from Stacy Zemon who founded it in 2010, and ran the site as its Publisher, Editor and Chief Scribe for nearly seven years. In 2017 Stu Chisholm and Debra Maurer will be the new Co-Editors here.

ProMobileDJ.com gives DJs the tools and resources needed to manage and grow their entertainment companies. All of the articles are written by experienced industry experts on a wide variety of subjects. The videos feature brand name gear, topical information, and helpful ideas presented by renowned DJs.  Articles and videos are archived for continual access in our Knowledge Bank.

Whether you’re new to the business or are an industry veteran, you’ll find that ProMobileDJ.com can help you to be a better DJ and run a better business. That’s why so many mobiles start their day by spending 15-30 minutes on this website. Check out our Site Reviews to see why they keep coming back for more!

For free exclusive member benefits, be sure to join the Pro Mobile DJ Club. Contact Stu Chisholm c/o DJStuCrew@gmail.com with an idea you have for an interesting topic — whether you’d like one of our writers to do an article about it or “pen” it yourself as a guest writer.

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The National Association of Mobile Entertainers (N.A.M.E.) is a professional organization providing full benefits, including insurance, to all types of mobile entertainers. Members include DJs, hypnotists, photographers, bands, event planners, booking agents, theatrical groups, comedians, and many others.

Join now, and become a N.A.M.E. member to help expand your business, and receive access to the most comprehensive insurance coverage.

Additional N.A.M.E .member’s benefits include marketing, business consultation and development, discounts on music and equipment, retail and wedding partnerships, as well as free webinars and seminars on a variety of topics.

N.A.M.E. was established in 1996 and has proudly continued to maintain a successful business relationship with our members. Annual N.A.M.E. membership prices vary depending on your specific entertainment profession. Our membership rates have never been increased. N.A.M.E yearly membership dues includes numerous benefits under one price opposed to tiered rates offered by other associations.

N.A.M.E. has both full time and part time staff as well as an on-site licensed insurance broker in our Willow Grove, PA office. In addition, N.A.M.E. has an advisory board comprised of four industry professionals who have been in the DJ business for over 30 years.

Upon calling our toll free number, you will be greeted by a friendly, helpful customer service representative (as opposed to listening to recorded prompts) during our daily operating hours Monday thru Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Please call us at 1-800-434-8274 for more information and to join N.A.M.E. You must be a member of N.A.M.E. to have access to our group insurance program. Mention ProMobileDJ.com and receive our discount membership for $99.00. Regular price – $125.00

Thank you for allowing N.A.M.E. to be successful for 20 years.


Carol Keslar, N.A.M.E. President