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    All Aboard!

    Dennis M. Kintzer – Editor – ProMobileDJ.com To the ProMobileDJ Community: Most people have probably played Monopoly© and mispronounced the “Reading Railroad” (that drives me nuts…but hey, I get it).  It may come as a surprise [...]

    It’s Been A Good Ride…

    To the readers of ProMobileDJ.com and the DJ Industry: My Friends, I recently tendered my resignation as the Editor of PromobileDJ.com to Carol Keslar, President of NAME an owner of ProMobileDJ. Many of you are unaware [...]
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    Are YOU as Glossy as Your Marketing Materials?

    By Dave Ternier, Guest Writer You influence the public’s perception of your brand every moment, of every day, in so many ways it’s impossible to count. If you’re in business for yourself, who YOU are is [...]

Branding Your Company


Embrace Your Competition

By Stacy Zemon: DJ business owners often view their competitors as the enemy, but that’s shortsighted. Here’s how the competition can help keep you in the lead. Stop viewing your competition as the enemy and […]


Extend Your Brand with Video Blogs

by Jason Jani The Definition of a Vlog Wikipedia defines Video blogging, as a form of blogging for which the medium is video, and is a form of Internet television. Entries often combine embedded video […]


How’s Your Website Looking These Days?

by Jason Jani I personally spend a decent amount of time online, as a matter of fact, if the internet disappeared tomorrow, I think my world (along with all of my friends in the private event […]

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The Tonium Pacemaker

By Mike Wieder: We’ve all had it happen.  You’re at an event ready to start when suddenly your computer freezes up or your CD player [...]

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