August 23, 2017
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  • Best Practices


    by Neil Smith – The Dandy DJ Can we all agree that a live event situation is not an ideal listening environment? There’s usually tons of ambient noise (conversation and other environmental factors), the lion’s share [...]
  • Bright Ideas/Best Practices

    Event Planning Software for DJs

    By Chase Jewell For DJs, there are so many options for a planning system. A lot of DJs are still using paper documents for their planning. And while this is ok to do it is not [...]

Branding Your Company


Creating an Impressive Business Image

By Stacy Zemon Take a moment and look into the mirror right before meeting with a potential client. Do you see an image that “screams” well-groomed, properly dressed, competent professional? Beyond your personal presence, your […]

From Our Guest Writers

The Jersey Sweet 16

  With the onset and departure of MTV’s hit series “The Jersey Shore”, New Jersey has intrigued the country with terms like GTL (Gym, Tan, [...]

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