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Karaoke Mayhem
Karaoke Mayhem

By Gregg Hollman When I established my mobile DJ entertainment company 15 years ago, I had no intention of offering karaoke services.  Earlier I had been traumatized by watching a drunken karaoke night at a college bar.  In my mind, karaoke was raucous and tacky, and I wanted no part of that scene.  Fast forwarding…

7 Best Tips for DJs to Avoid Double Bookings


  By Gregg Hollman – Party Professional Double booking, or the practice of a DJ booking two parties for the same time slot, is one of the most insidious situations that a DJ entertainer can ever face. About five years ago, our DJ company was in a high growth phase, and we suffered several accidental…

Top 3 Tips for Generating DJ Business at Wedding/Bridal Shows


By Rick Brewer – “Get More Brides” I get this question from DJs all the time: “Rick, do bridal shows still work?” The answer is easy for me: Sometimes… or maybe. There are many variables as to why a wedding show will or will not work for a DJ, but let me share the top…

DJ Ethics: What Are the Copyright Laws of Purchased Music?


by Stu Chisholm – The Complete Disc Jockey Last November, I discussed some of the ethical challenges that we encounter as DJs. Today I want to address another aspect of ethics that is legally blurry around the edges and–as evidenced in many DJ forums–completely misunderstood by all sides: the ethics of copyright. “Some will rob…

Equipment Damage Liability Clause in Contracts

DJ Brian S. Redd shares his ideas and thoughts, and answers questions on this subject of interest to all mobile DJ business owners.

“The Mobile DJ Handbook” Author Stacy Zemon

DJ Brian S. Redd interviews Stacy Zemon outside the Mobile Beat Show about her professional background and books. For autographed copies visit “The Mobile DJ Handbook,” “The DJ Sales & Marketing Handbook,” “The Mobile DJ MBA” and “The Mobile DJ Entrepreneur” are also available on

Mobile DJ Ethics

Got ethics ?

By Stu Chisholm, “The Complete DJ” As many of you, my loyal readers know, I have several other jobs I do that all stem from my DJ work. First, and most obviously, I’m a writer of books, blogs and magazine articles. Secondly, I’m an officiant, which allows me to perform wedding, and any other type…

Successfully Running a YOUniverse


By Doug Sandler, “Nice Guys Finish First” One of the biggest challenges you will run into if you are an entrepreneur, is determining where and how to invest your time and energy. If you are like most, you don’t feel like you have many options because you are so busy working, you move in the…

10 Tips for Running a Successful DJ Business

successful business

By Stacy Zemon, Editor & Chief Scribe As the former owner of a full-service, tri-state multi-up with twenty-three DJs, I’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to be successful in business. Here are 10 things you need to know about running a profitable DJ operation. Use them as a checklist to make…

The Benefits of Volunteering


By Julie Oshins, “Play It Forward” (n.) is generally considered an altruistic activity and is intended to promote good or improve human quality of life. In return, this activity produces a feeling of self-worth and respect; however, there is no financial gain. For the bulk of my DJ business, I have allotted one event…