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Networking, Style, and Appearance Will Win More Business

Jerry Bazata
Jerry Bazata

By Jerry Bazata – “The Money Answer Man” You get up from your desk and prepare to attend a late afternoon networking event hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, a wedding association or better yet The Knot. Quickly you gather up a stack of business cards, rehearse your elevator speech and set out on a…

7 Best Tips for DJs to Avoid Double Bookings


  By Gregg Hollman – Party Professional Double booking, or the practice of a DJ booking two parties for the same time slot, is one of the most insidious situations that a DJ entertainer can ever face. About five years ago, our DJ company was in a high growth phase, and we suffered several accidental…

5 Tips for Financial Success for Small Business Owners


By Jerry Bazata – “The Money Answer Man” Each year thousands of entrepreneurs take a leap of faith, resign from full -time employment, and begin a business with the hopes and dreams of obtaining financial success and independence. With all good intentions, they begin working on a business model, creating a plan for sales and…

Equipment Damage Liability Clause in Contracts

DJ Brian S. Redd shares his ideas and thoughts, and answers questions on this subject of interest to all mobile DJ business owners.

“The Mobile DJ Handbook” Author Stacy Zemon

DJ Brian S. Redd interviews Stacy Zemon outside the Mobile Beat Show about her professional background and books. For autographed copies visit “The Mobile DJ Handbook,” “The DJ Sales & Marketing Handbook,” “The Mobile DJ MBA” and “The Mobile DJ Entrepreneur” are also available on

Is Facebook Live Hurting or Helping You?


By Tony Schwartz, “The Social Media DJ” Right now, Facebook Live is the hottest thing in social media. For the uninitiated, Facebook Live is a live streaming feature within the Facebook platform in which a user can broadcast the current world around them to those that follow them. Every day, I get multiple notifications that…

Successfully Running a YOUniverse


By Doug Sandler, “Nice Guys Finish First” One of the biggest challenges you will run into if you are an entrepreneur, is determining where and how to invest your time and energy. If you are like most, you don’t feel like you have many options because you are so busy working, you move in the…

10 Tips for Running a Successful DJ Business

successful business

By Stacy Zemon, Editor & Chief Scribe As the former owner of a full-service, tri-state multi-up with twenty-three DJs, I’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to be successful in business. Here are 10 things you need to know about running a profitable DJ operation. Use them as a checklist to make…

The Importance of Preparation


By Stu Chisholm, “The Complete Disc Jockey” One of my constant refrains over the years has been that I’ve never regretted too much preparation, but have often regretted not enough. If you’re reading this and do events such as wedding receptions, I’m fairly certain that you invest a good amount of prep-work before actually arriving…

Mobile DJ Tips with Jason Klock – Episode #3 – Planning for Multiple Events

Jason Klock owner and CEO of Klock Entertainment shares planning and preparation techniques that his company uses to manage and produce multiple mobile DJ and event productions.