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Higher Protection Insurance Offers for N.A.M.E. Members

Brown & Brown Insurance

By: Colin McDonald Last month’s article touched upon the very attractive insurance plan Philadelphia Insurance Companies put together exclusively for NAME members.  The basic policy offers general liability coverage which protects the insured from third-party claims arising out of bodily injury or property damage.  The minimum premium is $175 but how much coverage does that…

General Liability Insurance for DJs and Special Operations


By Colin McDonald – Insurance Professional The National Association of Mobile Entertainers (N.A.M.E.) has negotiated an excellent general liability insurance program with Philadelphia Insurance Companies, a national leader involved in the insuring of entertainers, including DJs, and special events. This policy is handled through Brown & Brown Insurance of Pennsylvania. The basic policy is liability…

How to Prevent Theft or Damage to Your DJ Equipment


By Colin McDonald – Insurance Specialist DJs and entertainers often own significant equipment of great value, which increases the potential for theft. If your equipment is destroyed or stolen, it has to be repaired or replaced.  On top of that, you will be unable to work until the equipment and other materials are replaced. Here…

Equipment Coverage – Inland Marine

insurance coverage

By Trevor Drake, “Insurance Professional” When you purchase coverage for your DJ equipment as part of your policy, you will see it listed on your certificate of insurance under the “Inland Marine” heading. You may ask, why would equipment coverage be listed as Inland Marine? Well, let’s take a look at exactly what this coverage…

Primary/Non-Contributory Insurance Coverage


By Trevor Drake, “Insurance Professional” Have you ever been notified by a venue that they MUST have primary / non-contributory language on your certificate of insurance? What does this mean to you, and what should you do? Let’s start with what it means, they want your insurance coverage to be “primary” and their coverage to…

Do I have to make a mistake to be named in a lawsuit?


By Trevor Drake, “Insurance Professional” The simple answer to this question is unfortunately, “NO.”  We see many instances where a DJ is playing a gig where an incident happens and the DJ is named in a resulting lawsuit because they were on site during an incident. In our current state of affairs, we often find…

Proper Insurance Coverage


By Trevor Drake, “Insurance Professional” Insurance comes in all different shapes and sizes and is available for any type of situation where you want to mitigate your potential for loss. From protecting the top decision makers of fortune 500 companies, to protecting the top draft picks of your annual fantasy football league. It is important…