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Higher Protection Insurance Offers for N.A.M.E. Members

By: Colin McDonald Last month’s article touched upon the very attractive insurance plan Philadelphia Insurance Companies put together exclusively for NAME members.  The basic policy offers general liability coverage which protects the insured from third-party […]


General Liability Insurance for DJs and Special Operations

By Colin McDonald – Insurance Professional The National Association of Mobile Entertainers (N.A.M.E.) has negotiated an excellent general liability insurance program with Philadelphia Insurance Companies, a national leader involved in the insuring of entertainers, including […]

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Equipment Coverage – Inland Marine

By Trevor Drake, “Insurance Professional” When you purchase coverage for your DJ equipment as part of your policy, you will see it listed on your certificate of insurance under the “Inland Marine” heading. You may […]

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Primary/Non-Contributory Insurance Coverage

By Trevor Drake, “Insurance Professional” Have you ever been notified by a venue that they MUST have primary / non-contributory language on your certificate of insurance? What does this mean to you, and what should […]