Truss and How to Use It

By Chase Jewell One of the major things in the mobile DJ community is how to use truss in my mobile gigs?  There are many different options and it is almost as infinite as the […]

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DJ Tip In a Minute: Security for Your Gear

DJ Jay Brannan says, “I make a habit of keeping my laptop/hard drives/headphones/chargers together and away from my gig until the last minute after setting up everything else. I also tear down my laptop/hard drive/headphones […]

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Your DJ Vehicle and Rig

By Stu Chisholm, “The Complete Disc Jockey” Once a mobile DJ accumulates a good sized amount of gear, they often find themselves really having to consider the “mobile” part of the mobile DJ equation. How […]

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Best Practices

Gain Structure 101

By Ben Stowe, CTS, “Sound & Lighting Guru” Getting the best sound out of your system requires a fundamental understanding of the levels of each piece of equipment in your system. This is an area […]