QSC CP Series Speakers: A Review

There are a lot of speakers for the mobile DJ on the market today.  At Pro Mobile DJ we like to give you the most up to date equipment information possible so you can make an educated purchasing decision!  I had the pleasure of using the new QSC CP Series speakers over the spring and early summer.  I was thoroughly impressed by them.  In this article I will be going over the uses of these speakers as well as my thoughts over the quality.


What They Are!

      The QSC CP-12 and CP-8 speakers are new compact powered PA speakers from QSC.  These speakers feature a 1000 watt peak power Class D Amplifier, which powers the speaker nicely!  Some of the other features are their compact size, Advanced DSP with Intrinsic CorrectionTM, Directivity Matched Transition, Lightweight, multi-use options, and a clean appearance.  I will say for their size QSC has included A LOT of bells and whistles on these speakers. Included in the DSP are settings for use with a sub.  These settings automatically set the crossover in the amplifier to disregard certain low frequency signals.


In Use at Events


I was able to use these speakers with both a subwoofer and without.  While I always prefer a setup with a sub for the quality of sound, I was impressed by how well these compact speakers sounded without one.  At a wedding with 100-125 guests I was able to fill the entire room with sound with no audio failures and no additional sound needed. I was able to push the signal out of my setup into the speakers with no clipping or faulting.  These little speakers can get loud and pack a HUGE punch. With a sub, these speakers can really shine.  I was able to use them with a QSC KS112 sub and once I added the sub the speakers didn’t even get hot at all.  I had clear and concise audio all night with amazing lows and great highs.


Some Suggested Uses


While I believe these speakers can be used for main events, I think they are extremely better suited for supplemental speakers, ceremony setups, or satellite setups in other rooms for your event.  With their compact and lightweight size, they are perfect to carry to more remote locations where your cart or vehicle cannot navigate.  If you also have a sub I would highly recommend using them as your main setup for smaller events.  They can keep up with even the hardest hitting music out there.




All in all these speakers get my personal approval. I would use them for ANY and ALL events I could just because they performed so well.  With their compact size and advanced features these speakers would make a welcome addition to any mobile DJs equipment roster.  As with any of my reviews please don’t take my word for it. Go out and try them out for yourself. I know for certain you won’t be disappointed.


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    From the beginning, he’s always had a fascination with pro-audio and lighting gear.

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