DJ SPOTLIGHT: Nino Cuccovia

by Mark Ashe

There are a number of component’s that go into a successful DJ.

In my first DJ spotlight, I shine the beam on Nino Cuccovia of Nino’s DJ Services located in Western Massachusetts.

Why? Because this hard-working Italian American DJ’s story is one that so many other part-time mobiles will relate to and appreciate.


Back in 1989, Nino started his business with a Radio Shack mixer, two borrowed turntables and a bunch of vinyl. For his first event, Nino was hired at the last minute to entertain at a school dance that happened to be scheduled during a major snowstorm. Only two students showed up, so the dance went nowhere, but Nino forged ahead.

Using his Mom’s Chevy Chevette for transportation to and from events, he proceeded to work at more school dances and parties. Soon Nino became known in his community for his great skills and personality.

All of this soon transcended into a fun and lucrative stint at several local nightclubs, where Nino continued to fine-tune his skills.


I asked Nino what defines him and make’s him who he is.

Family. Coming from a large group of brothers and sisters, there was a diverse selection of music consistently played throughout the years in my household. My sister blared disco from her bedroom, and my brother’s were competing with rock and roll from theirs. Mom liked Motown and dad had a passion for Jimmy Roselli.”

Nino attributes these memories along with a close knit family to his success and the love he has for his job. Today, he is married with three children of his own.

Like the majority of mobile entertainers, Nino does a juggling act between his personal life, being a full-time inventory control specialist for a large hospital, and being an in-demand DJ. I’ve seen him perform and Nino’s great taste in lighting and sound is evident. From mash-ups to remixes, he puts on a truly spectacular show!


Nino boasts an impressive list of sound equipment that includes brands such as Pioneer, Numark, EAW and RCF. Like most DJs, he has also upgraded to LED lighting and moving heads. Nino’s eyes light up when he describes how he likes to prepare for and choreograph an event.

I believe that creating a fun and upbeat atmosphere at a party is the most important element of being an entertainer. I do this through a combination of creative lighting design and music mixes.”

It seems that Nino’s reputation as an excellent entertainer who gives great customer service has really paid off for him.

I’ve reached the point where me and my crew only accept bookings for events where we don’t need to compromise on our way of making a party exciting and entertaining.”

Nino’s DJ Service is expanding and testing new markets. He attributes much of his success to the DJ conventions he has attended and believes they has helped him evolve into the professional he is today. He hopes to continue to stretch his own limits, and considers himself to be lucky because he really enjoys what he does for a living.

Mark Ashe – DJ Spotlights

Mark Ashe, owner of Marx Entertainment, has been producing events in MA and CT since 1979. The company offers disc jockey and video services as well as casino events and photo booth rentals. Entertaining more than 100,000 people annually, past clients have included the President of the United States and numerous celebrities. Working alongside Xzibit, Mark’s DJ crew participated with the TV show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition to help a local family in need. Mark was named one of America’s Top 10 Disc Jockeys in a nationwide competition. He was also spotlighted as one of America’s Top DJs in The Mobile DJ Handbook and The DJ Sales & Marketing Handbook by Stacy Zemon. Mark has demonstrated his leadership several times as a guest panelist at the International DJ Expo. His articles have been published in Mobile Beat and DJ Times magazines, and the Wedding Day Sourcebook. In 1993, he established the first mobile disc jockey school ever to be licensed by the MA Dept. of Education. Mark is a member of both NAME and ADJA. His website is and you can email him at