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How to Price Your DJ Services


stack_of_hundredssmAs professional mobile disc jockeys we are also Emcee’s, Interactive Party Hosts, Event Coordinators, Music Programmers and Audio and Lighting Technicians.  What’s more, we can teach participation dances, and host contests and games.  Do we warrant a premium fee?  You bet we do.  Just remember to always be worth your asking fee, and always give your customers even more than you have promised.

1.  Set your primary fee

You need to have a set base fee on which to operate so that you have a good starting point for all events.

$100-$300 is the average hourly rate in the industry.  Check out the competition in your market and decide what you think is a good starting point for your level of service.

2. Determine all the “extras”

The price of your service should vary depending on the type of occasion, the time of year, the location of the event, whether it’s a day or night event.

In addition, you can add things to your service that provide that extra level of service such as lighting effects, dancers, party props, Karaoke, etc…  Each of these needs to have a set fee so that it’s easy to determine the total once you add it to your primary fee.

3. Set your minimum hours

It’s very wise to base your prices on a three-hour minimum.  Even if the event is only an hour long, you still have to setup and break down.  Make sure this is accounted for.

4. Determine your Special Event Rate

Events such as weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and some corporate events are typically booked at a higher rate than other types of events.  You will have dual responsibility of being both the DJ and emcee, and should be compensated.

5. Set any discounts

Sometimes a good incentive for people to hire your DJ service is to offer them a discount.  Build this consideration into your pricing structure and consider offering discounts to non-profit organizations, customers willing to prepay and corporate clients who book your services several times a year.

6. Set overtime rates

Clients will often ask you to extend your services past the original end time.  Make sure you have a rate set so that you can offer to do so immediately.  Typically you would charge 50% of the hourly rate you have quoted for each thirty minutes of overtime you play.

Top 5 Traits of Successful DJs test check


Happy Face1.  Constant desire to always improve their performances

The top DJs in the business are always striving to make their performances better.  Whether it’s improving their personality on the mic or having better song transitions, the top DJs are always looking on ways to fine tune their performance into one that captures the crowd.

2. Attitude of Success

To be successful you must act as if you are. At first, acting like a successful person may feel as though you are an actor playing a part. Eventually, the “acting” will translate into “being.” Demonstrate an attitude of success in every area of your life, such as your manner of dress, the way in which you speak with people, and how you conduct yourself and your affairs.

3. Customer Service Attitude

The most important thing you can do for your business is to provide your customers with exceptional service.  This means being in tune with the customer’s emotions at an event and really caring about what is happening at an event.  Take the time to find out what the client really wants and address any complaints they might have.   Provide great customer service is what sets apart the successful mobile DJs apart from all the other competitors.

4. Have Mastered the Art of Networking

The top DJs are constantly involved in networking activities.  They actively pursue meeting new people at various formal and informal events throughout the year.  Not only is there a potential to meet new clients at these events, but you can also learn from other small business owners that you meet.

5. Persistence

Successful DJs understand that there is no such thing as failure, only mistakes from which we can learn. They are persistent, dedicated risk-takers who have an unwavering belief in themselves and what they are doing. They aim high, learn quickly from their experiences, are action oriented, and love challenges.