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Dear Pro Mobile DJ friends and fans,

Welcome to promobiledj.com!

Hi, my name is Chase Jewell, I am the owner, editor,  and publisher of Pro Mobile DJ.

Because I found this website to be so compelling along with my dedication to the Mobile DJ Business, I purchased PMDJ in 2020 from N.A.M.E. who owned it since 2016.  They acquired it from Stacy Zemon who founded it in 2010 and ran the site as its publisher, editor and chief scribe for nearly seven years.

Pro Mobile DJ introduces the tools and resources DJs need to manage and grow their entertainment companies. All of the articles are written by experienced industry experts on a wide variety of subjects. The videos feature brand name gear, topical information, and helpful ideas presented by renowned Mobile Entertainers.

Whether you’re new to the business or an industry veteran, you’ll find that Pro Mobile DJ can help you to be a better DJ and run a better business. That’s why so many mobiles start their day by spending quality time on this website. Check out our site reviews to see why they keep coming back for more!

Contact our editor, Chase “DJ Code Blu” Jewell at editor@promobiledj.com with an idea you have for an interesting topic — whether you’d like one of our writers to do an article about it or “pen” it yourself as a guest writer.

In addition to being the owner, editor and publisher of promobiledj.com, I am a proud member of National Association of Mobile Entertainers (N.A.M.E.). This is a publication by and for ALL of the Mobile DJ Industry and we support all the professional organizations with the same goals and aspirations.






Chase Jewell