Useful DJ Tech

DJ Joe Lott talks about the Aukey 20,000mAh Power Bank and some other gadgets.

Fun with a Static Gobo – Dj MasterMind Video

Thank you for watching Dj MasterMind, Todays video is all about using a projector to change the appearance of a static gobo, use your...

New Gear: Need vs. Want

By Dave Austin, "Music Professor" Everyone who attended the Mobile Beat in Las Vegas recently is still buzzing – particularly about all the dazzling new...

How To Pack a Gig Bag

Tips From Ean Golden, Amplive, and Mad Zach

American Audio Media Operator BT

1 U rack space preamp media player featuring line inputs, MP3 player, Bluetooth audio source, XLR combo jack microphone input, GEQ & more.

DIY Road Case Introduction

This video is an overview of techniques for designing a Road Case, installing recessed handles, recessed latches, working with aluminum extrusions plus installing carpet...

Arriba Case at NAMM 2016

DJ Brian S. Redd shows you some of the items that are new for this year.

Power Conditioning

By Ben Stowe, "Sound & Lighting Guru" If you’ve ever had noise in your system or malfunctioning equipment, you’ve probably had people tell you to...

CHAUVET DJ Gig Lab: Hazer Health for Halloween

Are your hazers ready to haunt? Don't wait 'til the last minute to get your hazers in great health!

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