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    How To Backup Your Music Library

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    #1 Mobile Headache: The Load In/Out

    By Stu Chisholm, "The Complete Disc Jockey" If you’re like me, then some of your more interesting ideas are inspired by online forums. I participate...

    DJ Tips in under a minute: carry a USB charger as a back up

    I am a big fan of back-up any and everything, so this was a great opportunity when I saw this USB battery charger on...

    DJ Education with CHAUVET DJ

    As big DJ trade shows approach, it reminds us of just how important education is to our entertainment careers. In this brief video, CHAUVET...

    DJ Tips in under a minute: charge everything up the night before

    Seems simple, but it's funny how many times this has come in handy! I make sure the laptops are both at a 100% so...

    DJ Tips in Under a Minute: Have Multiple Options for Getting Online

    Having choices for getting on line can be a life saver at a gig! I have Wi-Fi, 3G on my Verizon iPhone, and 4G...

    DJ Tips in Under a Minute: Your Set-Up & the Sun

    When setting up outside, try to predict where the sun will be once the event gets going, or you'll end up in the sunlight...

    ERG Pooltraxx Review by DJ RuDe

    DJ/VJ RuDe gives you his unbiased review of ERG Music Service's Pooltraxx, which features unlimited audio and video downloads of all popular genres at...

    Disc Jockeys make an impression by cleaning up their equipment appearance

    By Andy Ebon, "Wedding Marketing Expert" Way back when, in the mid-1970's, when Scott Foell and I founded Music Man Mobile DJ Service, off-the-shelf casing...

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