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DJ Tips in under a minute: Modern client emails

I find that younger clients email the way they text or even carry a conversation, one line questions seem to be the majority of...

DJ Tips in under a minute: ending time on your receptions

It was brought to my attention that sometimes wedding invitations will say reception 5-10 and they shouldn't have the end time because it creates...

Mobile DJing for Beginners: The Industry & Business Considerations

This video talks about the industry and business considerations (i.e. types of events, vehicles, licensing, insurance, costs, setting prices, accounting, marketing, contracts, deposits, competition,...

DJ Training Tips on Customer Service by Mike Walter

Do we play music for the client or music that we know works best? That's always been a popular discussion in our industry. In...

How to Achieve Absolutely Anything You Want

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> How to Achieve Absolutely Anything You Want by Ka Sundance.

Scratch DJ Academy At MBLV20!

Mobile Beat Las Vegas (March 14-17, 2016, Tropicana Las Vegas) is partnering with Scratch DJ Academy to present the best in hands-on education, in...

Wedding DJs – How Much Prep Time Do You Need? 40 Hours?

DJ Brian S. Redd gives an example of the kind of time he puts in.

DJ Straight Talk on Gay Weddings

DJ Brian S. Redd shares his thoughts & insights.

#ASKJasonJani | Ep 3 | Balance & DJing Weddings and Nightclubs

Jason Jani from the SCE Event Group is now ready to answer your questions! Just use the #ASKJasonJani on twitter and he might even...

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