"How To" Tutorials

Dive Into Traktor Video 1 – Installation And Set Up

This video covers the full process of setting up the free demo version of TRAKTOR PRO for Mac & PC using only your laptop....

DJ Training Performance Tip Mike Walter Talks About Being in the Moment as an MC

In this clip I talk about the most impactful thing I heard at Mobile Beat 20 and how it'll help me be in the...

Performance Tip of the Week From Mike Walter

Here's the best way to set things up when a couple asks you to introduce them and then get everyone dancing right away. I...

DJ Training Tips on Beat Mixing by Mike Walter

Since the release of my DVD "The Keys to a Great DJ and MC Performance" I've had a few conversations with DJs on our...

Fun With Samples, Looping & Chops

This is the kind of stuff DJ Brian S. Redd likes to do when he can't sleep. Enjoy!

How To Pack a Gig Bag

Tips From Ean Golden, Amplive, and Mad Zach

Financial Forecasting for DJs

Most Disc Jockeys (DJs) hate working with numbers. In this video, DJ Gregg Hollmann describes the benefits of preparing a budget/forecast, and introduces a...

BSR's Top 20 Classic Rock Tracks For Mobile DJs

These are Classic Rock DANCE SONGS for a USA mobile DJ mainstream audience. Most are 60’s & 70’s, with some 80’s & even a...

Lighting Help – Uplighting Vs. Wash Lighting

DJ Brian S. Redd gives you a quick explanation on the difference between uplighting & Wash Lighting, along with an introduction of the new...

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