How Great Are You?

Johnny Kelly

By Johnny Kelly, “MC Mastery”

I must be completely honest. I hate it when people brag. And I would hate me right now except “I was amazing tonight.”

I love this job so much that I just don’t want it to end. I will spend every minute of my life remembering these kids. I pride myself In mastering the art of making people feel good. The problem is that I never take the time to make myself feel good. Well the time has come to give myself a pat on the back. I rocked this party tonight. As I do every party. And the reason is because…..Well. ……. as my dearest friend Elliot would say ” They didn’t pay you to suck.” Your so right Elli. Allow me to explain.

I,…. just like every entertainer have the most difficult job ever. If I suck, the party is ruined. If I’m bad ass, my clients total investment was a success. How about that pressure? I am being judged every minute I perform. I am complimented and criticized all at the same time. The gold is how low I can keep the criticised number low. My entire life revolves around this job. Sucking is unacceptable. I don’t know if I’m the best but I sure wanna be one of them.

What does being the best really mean. Quality is always in the eyes of the purchaser. If they hire me, then I was the best for that family. There is no best, only great and I was great tonight.

Well now, one would only think, “UT OH” JOHNNY HAS LOST IT. No, I just wanted to tell you that if your good at something it’s only fair you get to brag once in a while, so you should do that. You deserve it. You earned it. Take your arm and wrap it over the top of your shoulder and pat that back a few times. If people don’t like your own personal compliment, their not your friends.

My coach taught me to not look for the compliments, so I ain’t looking anymore I know I’m good but because I really work at this. I work at this every day, so I deserve to be good.

So get going people……Tell somebody how great you are or for that matter, tell everyone on Facebook. What can it hurt? The only thing that can happen is you lose some people who have requested or accepted your friendship but certainly not friends. The amazing thing might be, you gain more friends because you have the audacity to say it publicly. That’s because That’s something you just don’t do.

Well, let’s find out who your real friends are. Your friends will tell you they love you and agree with you. So tell me, how great are you?


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