In our new format, changing the author and updating backlinks and websites for authors must be done manually by editing every single one of the over 2000 articles.   My goal over the next few months is to have all of these articles updated, featured images for each of them and edited for spelling, grammar and punctuation as well. We have installed an enhanced editorial backend that provides an opportunity for our authors (and past authors if they want) to provide a great deal of information about themselves that is displayed at the bottom of their articles.   This is the professional way to properly credit the contributors that provide this information without compensation.  We have attempted to contact many of the previous writers by email about the changes to the site, if you are one of those writers, get in touch with us as soon as possible to update your information. Our new format will also allow for advertising placement that can support additional enhanced aspects of our publication, attendance at shows, live video interviews, and product reviews, and soon our own video channel that will provide additional educational and informational knowledge to mobile entertainers. If you find errors in a particular article that you would like to bring to our attention you can do so by using our contact page (the best way) or by email to: A few of the advertising images you see on our website are just for testing purposes and are not actually paid placements.  If any company would like their banner or ad removed, just let us know. Additionally, there are a LOT of images attached to articles from the past.  We have no way of knowing if those were properly obtained or acquired from public domain sources.   If the owner of any image or other intellectual property (not previously released) would like their items removed from the site, please send an email to: along with a link to the image on our site and confirmation of your ownership and the image (or other property) will be removed as soon as possible. It is the goal of Pro Mobile DJ to provide outstanding information, education, training opportunities, product reviews and other methods of assisting the Mobile Entertainment Industry and businesses operating in those areas. Sincerely, Editor in Chief       [/vc_column_text][/vc_column]