Dare to be Different!

by Stu Chisholm

As a mobile DJ business owner, you must strive to stand out from your competitors – to be different in a good way. This translates into everything from your business card to your website, brochures, planners and promotional materials. And, they all should scream “FUN!”

Don’t be afraid to break norms and be entertaining while conveying information to prospects and clients. When you make someone laugh, you become memorable. Show people your sense of style and remember that every contact is an audition.

There’s a term that rock bands use to describe their attire and attitude on stage; “Peacocking.” While a standard business person’s only acceptable form of self-expression might be a power tie, an entertainer can choose something a bit more flashy – like a peacock!

Even if you only do weddings and promote yourself as the epitome of elegance, you aren’t doomed to a plain old tux that anyone can rent. If you advertise “white glove” service, then why not wear actual white gloves? What about a top hat? Have you ever considered an ascot in the bridal party colors? Or maybe a custom tuxedo with accents in your company colors? Get creative! Standing out doesn’t mean sacrificing elegance.

In an online forum a while back, I read a rather intense argument about signage at an event. “It’s tacky,” said one DJ. “How would they feel if the photographer, videographer and photo booth guys all had signs up?” said another. But that only made me think about the old swing bands. Remember the music stands with the band’s logo on them? Or a more contemporary band with a huge logo on the kick drum?

We have far more in common with those entertainers than we do the photographer. We’re on stage for a reason! People want to know who the entertainment is. A discreet facade with a logo or even a lit sign, if done well, can be a positive. In any line of business, we all depend on name brand recognition for referrals.

When making the movie epic “Dances With Wolves,” studio executives told Kevin Costner:

  • “Nobody will sit through a movie that’s more than twice as long as our other features.”
  • “Nobody wants to watch a movie with subtitles.”
  • “It’ll bomb without some other big name stars!”

Costner ignored the criticism. He had a story to tell and took a stand for being true to his vision.  Yes, he broke the rules and the rest as they say, is history.

We mobile DJs are entertainers. And as such, we can each find our own personal style for dress, communication, performance and every other aspect of how we conduct business.

How do you stand apart from your competitors?

Stu Chisholm – “The Complete Disc Jockey”

Stu Chisholm of Stu & His Crew Professional Disc Jockey Service in Michigan, has has worked in several areas of the DJ Universe. He’s been a radio, mobile, club and roller skating rink DJ in the Detroit area since 1979, and done commercial voice-over work, as well. Stu has been a keynote and featured speaker at DJ trade shows in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. He is the author of the book, “The Complete Disc Jockey” and is a regular columnist with Mobile Beat Magazine. To contact him, email DJStuCrew@gmail.com. You can grab Stu’s book at TheCompleteDiscJockey.com.