How Wedding DJs Can Exceed Client Expectations

By Rick Brewer – “Get More Brides”

As wedding DJs and professionals, our clients often come to us with unknown expectations. This happens mainly because they have little or no experience buying what we sell. You know what to expect when you go into your favorite restaurant because you probably do it on a regular basis. You may not know what to expect when building a house, though, if you have never built one.

One of the key strategies to exceeding your wedding clients’ expectations is to help set those expectations in the first place. If you ask a few key questions, and repeat back to them what you understand their expectations to be, you’ll probably find just a few things on their list.

For example, if you were a florist, your clients expect you to bring the flowers in the colors that they ordered to the venue by such and such time–and that’s it. You could then make sure you included any other standard things that you do, such as checking in with them the week before, etc.

Once you have set the expectations with your wedding clients, you can then plan to exceed them. Exceeding those expectations usually doesn’t cost much, if anything. It just means asking a few extra questions that you then follow up with a nice surprise.

Create a Special Wedding Moment

Ask your clients to tell you about a special person who will be attending the wedding. For example, if you are a mobile disc jockey and the couple (let’s call them John and Dianne) tells you that Dianne’s grandma will be there, you can then further ask about Grandma’s favorite song or the song from her first wedding dance, and if Dianne and Grandma ever sang or danced to a certain song together when they were younger.

Tell the couple you’d like to honor Dianne’s grandma at the wedding; this gives you an opportunity to plan a fun moment. You can make an announcement during the reception, such as: “We are so very honored that all of you have come here tonight to celebrate the wedding of John and Dianne. While every one of you is close and special, we have someone who is considered extraordinary – Dianne’s grandma, Louise. Louise, will you please join us on the dance floor?”

You can then interview Louise as to some advice to help the couple have an extraordinary marriage, something that Louise loves about Dianne, or something she is keeping her eye open about John (all in good fun, of course- this is John’s day as well). And then invite Grandpa, Dianne’s dad, to join the bride and groom in a special dance.

By creating these special moments without them being “sold” to the couple, you will exceed what they expect and earn yourself some great reviews as well as potential referrals because you gave them a moment they will never forget.

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