Dare to be Different!

Basketball Bride And Groom

By Bobby Riley, “DJ Mastermind”

One of the things I most enjoy about working with brides is when they give me creative leeway with their weddings. When my company was approached by Stephanie, she wanted to do something different and unforgettable for her big day. My task was to help her create an event that would truly capture all of the guests attention.

First, guests were required to leave there cell phones and cameras in their vehicles. For her special day Stephanie wanted her guests to experience the moments first hand, not on a 2×2 viewscreen. My perception was that because of doing this, the guests were more involved and had a better time. Tip # 1 – Unplug the guests!

Second, the ceremony had several interactive segments such as the guests sharing communion with the bride and groom and the mothers bringing their children a rose during the rose ceremony. Tip #2 – Involve your guests in the ceremony!

Third, when designing the ceremony room we left extra space in the isle. This ensured that Stephanie and her father had plenty of room when walking down the isle. It also allowed us to set up our transition to the reception. Tip #3 – When feasible and desired, help the staff and your bride design her room.

Fourth, every ceremony traditionally ends with a recessional. At the end of Stephanie’s ceremony, she and James kissed, the pastor presented them to the guests, and the new couple headed back down the isle, to cheers and applause from their guests. At the halfway mark with all their guests watching, James come to a dead stop, Stephanie turned to him, and they proceeded directly into their First Dance. The guests were surprised and enthralled, and the couple received the loudest cheer for a First Dance I have ever heard in my entire career!

So, for my 4th and final tip…Change the rules, catch your guests off guard, and do something different and amazing!!!! The wedding will be a day that no one every forgets!