FDA Laser Show Annual Reports Due September 1 Each Year

High-powered laser systems produce unmatched effects and ambiance, however, we know the legal compliance side of using such systems can be intimidating. With the deadline to submit FDA annual reports approaching on Sept. 1, we’ve produced a guide to make sure you get your variance renewed quickly and with certainty. Continue reading to learn more and to download the FREE guide on submitting your FDA annual report for laser light shows!

First and foremost, as part of holding a current FDA laser light show variance, submitting your annual report to the FDA is what allows your variance to automatically renew. This is just like having to renew your driver’s license, only without the fee (and poorly taken picture).

To help guide you in filling and submitting your annual report, we have written a short PDF guide with step-by-step instructions. “Your Guide to the FDA Annual Report” covers all of the FAQs about the annual report and includes all the information you need to quickly and easily file your report.

Click HERE or click on the image below to download “Your Guide to the FDA Annual Report”:

Click HERE or click on the image below to download the fillable PDF annual report form for X-Laser users:

Click HERE or click on the image below to download the sample annual report created with the X-Laser annual report form:

The “Fillable PDF Annual Report Form” that we created with some of the data already input is applicable for the vast majority of X-Laser users. If the answers in the pre-filled form are not applicable to how you use your laser system, or if you use lasers made by a different company, your other option is to use FDA Form 3636. Click HERE or click on the image below to download FDA Form 3636:

As always, if you have any questions about the FDA laser light show variance process and its rules, simply email X-Laser at variances@x-laser.com


Thank you to X-Laser for allowing us to feature this information from their Blog, original content at http://x-laser.us/FDA17/