Brian S. Redd
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Fun With Samples, Looping & Chops

This is the kind of stuff DJ Brian S. Redd likes to do when he can’t sleep. Enjoy!

What's a Powered Subwoofer's Built In Crossover For?

DJ Brian S. Redd explains how you can use your active subwoofer’s built-in crossover & how it can benefit your PA system’s sound quality.

Arriba Case at NAMM 2016

DJ Brian S. Redd shows you some of the items that are new for this year.

Wedding DJs – How Much Prep Time Do You Need? 40 Hours?

DJ Brian S. Redd gives an example of the kind of time he puts in.

DJ Straight Talk on Gay Weddings

DJ Brian S. Redd shares his thoughts & insights.

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