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Introduction | ADJ MyDMX 2.0 Tutorial 1

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Ellaskins (the DJ Tutor) gives a tutorial.

Sound Recording – Then and Now

By Dave Austin, “Music Professor” As DJs and others associated with the music industry, we take for granted the clear concise sound reproduction we enjoy today.  However, like all technologies, there’s been a long and involved process of trial, error…

Virtual DJ 8 Walkthrough

Learn how to set up and use Virtual DJ 8!

DJ Tips in under a minute: moving Serato cue points in internal mode

So you have made a mistake in placing a cue point in offline mode. You can either redo or just move the cue point to a different slot. Move your cursor over the cue point, press the left side of…

Getting started with Serato DJ- loading music.

I have had a lot of questions about getting started with Serato software, so this will be a series of short videos trying to help and answer some questions. Please let me know if I can focus on anything inparticular…

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