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Product Review: Reloop RP-8000 Hybrid Turntables

Chase Jewell
Chase Jewell

By Chase Jewell – Sound & Lighting Tutor For years, I’ve had a pair of Stanton STR8-60 turntables that I used for my events that I would use for doing timecode mixes. This was mostly for my bar, club, and school dance gigs. And while these turntables did the job, after five rebuilds and years…

Software Review: Jammtext by Mixcity for the Mobile DJ

Chase Jewell
Chase Jewell

By Chase Jewell – Sound & Lighting Tutor For the past few months, I’ve been doing a test run of the DJ software Jammtext from Mixcity, which is an interactive video text to screen/slideshow program with social media integration. I wanted to get an objective, fresh look at it for myself. There are so many…

Book Review: Celebrate Life by Marcello Pedalino

Celebrate Life

By Gregg Hollmann, “Party Professional” In this article, I review Marcello Pedalino’s just-published book “Celebrate Life – How to live it up, discover fulfillment, and experience the joy you deserve.” For those of you unfamiliar with Marcello (pronounced Mar-Chello), he is a marquee event host based in New Jersey. Marcello is well-regarded for his physical…

Five Book Recommendations for Mobile DJs

The Mobile DJ MBA Front Cover

By Gregg Hollmann, “Party Professional” I’m a believer in the adage that “readers are leaders.” As a boy, I loved reading mystery books and biographies about my favorite sports stars. During summer vacation, I would typically read a book a day. Fast forwarding to my late twenties when I became interested in the mobile DJ…

Holiday Gift Ideas For DJs 2015

DJ Brian S. Redd makes his ADJ and American Audio suggestions.

DJ Video Network is YouTube for Disc Jockeys!

If you’re tired of searching around endlessly on YouTube for quality videos that can show you skills to be a better DJ and run a more profitable business then check out DJVN. features gear reviews, tutorials and much more!

DJ Event Planner Review

DJ Mikey Mike gives you the lowdown on how this web-based software tool can help organize your mobile DJ business and make you look like the professional that you are! For more info. visit:

The 6 Pillars of Wedding Marketing DVD

Review by Guest Blogger, Kirk Rothrum It’s safe to say that most wedding entertainment professionals didn’t enter their field for the love of marketing. It’s a complex headache to many, and often put on a back burner to the detriment of what might otherwise be successful business models. Enter Peter Merry’s The 6 Pillars of…