Dealing with Your Brides Vendors!

Bridal Vendors

By Bobby Riley, “DJ Mastermind”

In the course of running your wedding business, you will inevitably have to deal with many types of different vendors. everything from catering to photography, and all of the creative personalities that go with them. Some won’t give you the time of day whereas some vendors will bend over backwards to help you. Some will be reliable whereas some will be flaky.

Every vendor that you will work with will have its own set of priorities and perspectives, many of which will differ from your own. Because you may not always see eye to eye, it is important that you deal with your brides vendors in such a way that your goals and their goals become aligned.

1. Make Your Expectations Clear

Many problems that entertainers face with their brides vendors stem from misunderstandings and differing expectations. Whenever we deal with any new vendor, we set up a meeting with the vendor and we always present all of our needs and expectations up front.

2. Get To Know Them on a Personal Level and Meet Them Face to Face

Even though you’ve talked with the bride and reached a mutual agreement, that doesn’t mean that all of the vendors are on the same page. The most important thing is to get to know your vendors and establish a positive relationship. If your relationship is not good, then no contract or piece of paper will prevent things from going awry. We always try and meet all of our vendors and get to know them on a business as well as on a personal level. Direct contact is especially vital as it allows you to associate your vendors with an actual face.

3. Propose Arrangements that are Mutually Beneficial

Don’t forget that your brides vendors are trying to make the bride happy as well. Always try and propose arrangements in which both you and your brides vendor can both make money and share a mutual interest. Sometimes that means getting a little more creative with our agendas, but in the long runs the vendors around you will have more respect for what you do.

4. Make Them Feel Special

A good vendor relationship builder is to give their products special treatment. If a photographer gives you a copy from pictures of the wedding, then promote them, add your logo alongside the photographers logo and use it in your marketing material. Vendors are much more likely to reciprocate if you treat them extremely well.

All in all if you work well with the vendors in your area, they will work well with you and most important for us, they will recommend you…