Games 101


By Robert Riley, “DJ Mastermind”

In my last article I introduced you to the danceless wedding, if you have not had a chance to read that article you can find it here. I talked about location, and settings and ambiance, when designing a danceless reception. In this article I want to talk about a few games DJs can use to entertain guests when dancing isn’t a part of a reception or other event.

1. Shoelywed Game

Almost every DJ has heard of this one, and if you have not used this game during your events your really missing out.

The shoe game is fun and “solely” for your guests enjoyment.  The couple gets to answer questions about their relationship by holding up the correct shoe that answers the question.

How To Play: The couple sits back to back so they don’t see their partners’ answers. They swap a shoe with each other so they are holding one of each. Someone asks the couple a series of questions about their relationship (ranging from the sweet questions such as “Who said ‘I love you’ first?” to funny questions designed to get laughs “Who is the better driver?” to embarrassing questions such as “Who has the smelliest feet?”). The couple answers the question by holding up the corresponding shoe.

2. I spy

Every DJ has had an issue with Clients and their cell phone camera’s, Why not turn that “issue” into a benifit?

How To Play: As the event host, setup an Instagram account for your reception before you start. then print out the following picture on card stock or design your own.

have the guests upload them with your Instagram tag aka #thosefunweddingpeople or #EBWedding….this is one great way for your guests to help your clients get memories during the reception…. and some great marketing pictures for yourself.

3. Kissing game

Dinner time can be somewhat boring and guests have a habit of “Ringing the bells” to see the bride and groom kiss. Take this tradition to a new level.

How to Play: Have the Bride and Groom call out the names of a married couple and then have that couple “teach” the bride and groom how they must kiss by doing it first. Simple, easy and great fun…