Put On a Halloween Event for Teens

By Shayn Satten, “Teen Entertainment Specialist”

How busy does your October look? Are you booked every weekend or are things looking a bit empty?

Well, if you have a free weekend, instead of waiting by the phone for your next lead to call, perhaps you should consider hosting your own teen event.

What better time to reach out to a younger market than during the Halloween season!

While the kids have Trick-Or-Treating, and the adults have special adult parties, there is a large gap for teens who aren’t doing anything special to get into the spooktacular spirit!

Extra October Ka-Ching

Give them a time, a place, and an incredible night to party! I have been preparing what I like to call a “Halloween Blackout Party” for the local youth in my area.

I have rented out a room that holds about 150 people, printed out promotional materials, hired a local police officer for security, and will be charging $10.00 per person at the door. I also purchased some glow sticks to throw out to the teens during the night.

You could also have a best dressed, scariest costume, and most realistic contest during a “Boo Bash,” and give out company-branded tee shirts as prizes.

The benefits of such an event are unarguably great for those of us behind the booth. Most of us consider ourselves to be self-employed and don’t have a boss, but in reality, every client we work for is our boss.

In this situation however, the party is yours. Forget the cocktail hours, and the dinner breaks, forgo the cake ceremonies and speeches. This party can be four straight hours of you spinning the best music mixes and mashups those teens have ever heard!

The Beauty of this Model

The beauty of the four-hour model is the fact that you are creating more of a club-like event rather than a traditional Halloween party. This means you can potentially have a full venue of teens showing up, and have them coming and going all night long.

Even if at the end of the night you don’t turn a large profit, you still had a night where you were able to showcase your company’s name to every teen in attendance. This includes the girls who will be having Sweet 16’s, and the High School students who will be graduating at the end of the school year.

Additional Profit

Another way to bring a bit of extra money to your night is to purchase the twenty-four packs of water that you can usually pick up for $4.00 a pack. Keep them ice-cold in a cooler, sell each bottle for a dollar, and you make a $20 profit for every case you sell.

Trust me, those teens will be drinking every last drop of water you buy, so you can never have too much! You could also make additional revenue by selling lite snacks like pretzels and popcorn.

The goal is to maximize your profits with minimal expense. If you can find a location close to your DJ business, you can market it locally and put out flyers everywhere teens congregate.

If you decide to host a teen Halloween event of your own, don’t be scared if you have a dance floor full of Zombies – because at this time of year, that’s a good thing!

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