Training Your Next Great DJ

Mike Walter has been spreading the gospel of Recruitment and Training for over a decade. You’ve probably heard him speak at DJ conventions or read his insightful articles. He has proven time and time again that the fine arts of Mobile DJing are teachable.

He was one of the early architects of Star DJs, the uber-successful Multi-Op from Central New Jersey that took the DJ Industry by storm in the 80s. Since the mid-90’s Mike has owned his own company and has shown once again that it is possible to find talent and teach them how to Emcee and DJ.

Now, finally, here is the definitive product to help you create your own Training Program. The DVD will show you the hands-on approach that Mike uses to run his training sessions. And the CD-Rom has all the documents you’ll need, from the actual text book Mike uses, to all the tests that will monitor your trainees progress. Plus, for the first time ever, Mike has made available the Power Point Presentation that he uses to teach Music History.

Do you believe it’s possible to find talent and teach them how to DJ . . . your way? If so, this is the one product you’ll need to create that Training Program you’ve always wished you had.

Mike’s highly praised DVD set is available at

To contact him about his on-site training services or for general inquiries, email

Once again you’ve inspired me!  After watching your DVD, I’ve set up my own 16 week training program. The methods you demonstrated in your DVD will undoubtedly enhance my own teaching methods to make training more fun for me as well as my staff. Thanks for creating an extraordinary tool that will pay for itself many times over in increased referral business!’

Randy Bartlett
Premier Entertainment, Inc.
The 1% Solution

Whether you’re a single or multi-op company, Mike’s training DVD should be on your list of investments. Getting taught how to teach your new employees was the aspect that I appreciated most. As with any educational role you take on — organization, content and delivery are paramount; Training Your Next Great DJ provides the necessary documents, time-line and video footage to teach you how to deliver a productive lesson.”

Marcello Pedalino
MMP Entertainment & Event Production

When it comes to recruiting and training future headliners for your DJ entertainment company, no one in this industry knows more than Mike Walter. I have been attending DJ conventions and conferences large and small since 1992, and no one I have ever seen speak has ever been able to bottle it up into such a turn-key system as Mike has in his seminars and now in his DVD ” Training Your Next Great DJ. ”

Keith ” K.C” KoKoruz

Mike Walter is either crazy, a genius or just plain generous! This is without a doubt, the best training DVD I have ever seen — and worth every dollar. Mike takes you through ever step to train YOU to be a a GREAT DJ, and gives you the tools to successfully clone yourself and create a winning team! He has given away the keys to the candy store. Shared all the trade secrets. Divulged the secret recipe. “Training your next great DJ” is absolutely outstanding. It covers everything you need to succeed. ”

Scott Faver
The Party Favers

For training any new employee, this DVD is a must. From start to finish, it is everything you will need to make your company great. I’ve used it to train my new DJs and it’s Awesome!!!!”

Sean “Big Daddy” McKee