Two Cool Accessories for Your iPad

Reviews by Stacy Zemon

InnoPocket HexaPose iPad Stand

The design of the HexaPose iPad stand is very handsome and well made. The aluminum base is heavy, which means that your iPad will remain firmly on your desk or mobile rig.

You can change the viewing angle to three different angles in each mode, which comes in pretty handy if you want to do some typing on your iPad using the keyboard, this gives you a total of six different positions.

The case that holds the iPad is made from polycarbonate, and the iPad fits neatly inside the holder. Once in it is pretty secure and you can easily switch between portrait and landscape modes.

Overall if you are looking for a desktop stand for your iPad, then we would recommend checking out the HexaPose iPad stand, it works very well, and is pretty sturdy, plus the ability to use it in six different positions is a definite bonus.

The HexaPose iPad stand is available for $49.99 from InnoPocket.

Speck SeeThru Satin iPad Case

The Speck SeeThru Satin case features a hard shell protection on the back, and a rubberized from edge and button covers to ensure that your iPad stays protected.

You get access to all the ports on the iPad and there are also a couple of buttons on the side for the up and down volume,the case fits over the iPad very well and doesn’t add a lot of bulk.

It features a flip panel at the back that means you can dock your iPad with the iPad dock without having to remove the case.

Overall it seems like a decent case for the iPad, it will definitely offer your iPad some extra projection without adding too much bulk and weight.

The Speck SeeThru Satin and SeeThru cases are available for $49.95 from Speck.

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