V-MODA M100 Headphones with DJ Mikey Mike

M-100’s superior sound is created by 50mm Dual-Diaphragm Driver (patent pending): inner and outer rings separate bass, preventing bleeding into mids and highs Master Crafted Materials: higher quality drivers and components than peer headphones in this price range Modern Audiophile Tuning: crowdsourced with the audiophile community to fine-tune sound and ergonomics Analog Noise Isolation: perfect anatomical design locks out jet engines, crowd, and traffic noise without active noise cancellation No Batteries or Artificial Processing: powerful, clear sound without the two extra digital-to-analog conversions of battery-powered headphones that pollute the purity of your music Minimal sound leakage: immersive sound for you, without bothering others view details Consistent Driver Quality: the spectacular Crossfade sound is quality tested at 6 frequencies to maintain stricter consistency than the competition, often by an order of magnitude.