A Wedding DJ looks at the LDI Show


By Alan Dodson, “Wedding Wizard”

Lasers, Walls, Trussing and Balls…..

When it comes to attending conventions and shows, most DJs will choose between the International DJ Expo, Mobile Beat or the Las Vegas DJ Show if they plan to attend a larger event. Some will attend ARMDJS or Midwest DJ Live and of course our friends to the North may attend the Canadian DJ Show. Myself, I try to attend every show that I can fit in my schedule. The year I wrote this, I had the opportunity to attend the LDI Show as the factory representative for ApeLabs. LDI is the marketplace for the entertainment technology and design industry and a wonderful opportunity for those of us that are more than just DJs to garner new ideas, look at cutting edge solutions to problems that some don’t even realize exist.

There are products for every size event that you can imagine, from a small wedding or party to the largest stage productions possible. Here are what I consider to be some of the highlights of LDI that can be applied to those larger weddings, parties, and Mitzvahs.

Video Walls and Floors

As I made my way around the show floor, the most dominate item was video walls and floors. These came in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. But the one that was my favorite was the Patented Video Ball by Genesis Products. www.GenesisLED.net However, it certainly has no practical application for weddings and parties, but the video walls and video floors certainly have great potential. As the price continues to drop as the technology is replicated, it becomes much more practical for DJ companies to offer these as options. We now use video at lots of events, projection for larger displays and flat screen TVs for smaller displays. The wall and floor panels can take that video integration to a whole new level.

Imagine having full motion video of a monogram that moves around the floor, and during periods when the dance floor is empty, having a slide show on the floor or a wall without the limitations of projection. Then when the dancing begins, including moving light shows that immerse the dancers into the background and it limitless in colors and movement. This is a definite WOW factor option. The company that had the best floors and video walls were Gloshine, and they are represented by ELS and based in Nashville, TN, so look for some great things from this company in the near future.


Everyone in the event industry is familiar with trussing and there are lots of choices out there, but most of it looks alike. Unquestionably the most unique product I saw was the trussing from Mod Truss. www.ModTruss.com Never again will you have to search for a mounting point or fuss with slipping clamps. Reminiscent of the Erector Sets from my childhood, this innovative trussing system will change the industry forever.


Fuel Lighting has many great new lighting options, the neatest one of all is the compact, battery powered GOBO projector from their partnership with Osram. Check them out at www.FuelLighting.com

Performance Show Lasers

Performance Show Lasers were also one of the most predominate and exciting features of this year’s show. The new products by www.xlaser.com , newcomer www.LightSpaceUSA.com, and www.Lps-Laser.com have set new standards for the laser industry. From the systems designed for DJs and small clubs up to the high power show lasers used for the production of major concerts, these companies can fulfill your needs. Remember that the lasers from these companies require registration of the operators and a variance from the FDA to ensure safe operation and accountability. All of the lasers that these companies manufacture and sell are registered with the FDA and can be hazardous if used incorrectly. Take a look at the possibilities in this video. http://vimeo.com/55881536

Wireless Uplights

I would certainly be remiss without mentioning the Ape Labs products that were debuted at LDI by Absolutely Fabulous Events. These unique multi-color capable, wireless & battery operated uplights were certainly a hit. Manufactured completely in Germany, they are going to be the next new big thing in wedding and special event uplighting.

If you get the opportunity, try to attend LDI from time to time, you will be amazed, awed and inspired for sure, even if you don’t purchase a single thing, you will leave with a mind full of possibilities and ideas to make YOUR events even more amazing, entertaining and most of all, memorable.


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