DJ Beat Matching Lesson

Ellaskins, The DJ Tutor, gives practical beat matching lessons in this tutorial. For more from Ellaskins visit www.ProDJTV.com

Advanced DJ Key Mixing: Major to Minor Tracks

How do you move from a major track to a minor track without a song that is directly harmonically compatible? Ean explains one technique....

DJ Tutor: Adding a loop to help bring in the next mix

DJ Tutor shows you how to make a loop to help you transition from one song to another for a mix. For more...

The Immense Versatility of Beamz By Flo

In this tutorial, you can see how many different types of sounds, loops, tracks and effects you can use. A wide variety of instruments...

How to Mix/Beat Match Using VirtualDJ

In this tutorial, DJ Marty Witkin highlights the basics fundamentals of beat matching and mixing on VDJ using visual cues to aid in beat...

DJ Mixing Lesson: The Cut and Jump

DJ Tutor (aka ellaskins) shows you how to do it with only the use of a crossfader on a DJ mixer. Check out more...

DJ LESSON: Adding a Tune Teaser to Your Mix

Ellaskins shows you how to add a small amount of an upcoming song into a mix, back off of it, and then bring in...

DJ Tips in Under a Minute: Harmonic Mixing with Mixed in Key

“A lot of DJs use the key of the song they are playing to dictate what they will mix with” say's DJ Jay Brannan....

Mixing for Mobile DJs: Part 2

Ellaskins “DJ Tutor” demonstrates a smooth transition between Artful Dodger and Cheryl Lynn tracks. Check out more of his videos at www.DJvideoNetwork.com.

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