Emcee Skills

Born Standing Up

by Mike Walter A number of years ago I read Steve Martin’s book, Born Standing Up and I loved it so much (and saw so...

Two Turntables & a Microphone

by Mike Walter It’s been fifteen years since Beck released Odelay which is still to this day his defining CD.  It includes the awesome song...

Use Humor to Command Attention

by Stacy Zemon Want to keep your audience riveted with quiet attention as opposed to ignoring you and conversing with someone at their table? Spicing up...

Training Your DJs to Do Bridal Party Intros

By Mike Walter A wise person once said “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” And I think most people would...

The Best Time to Train Your DJ to Become an MC

By Mike Walter Did you ever write a word and then doubt whether you are using it correctly? I had that happen recently with...

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