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CHAUVET DJ Master the Ceremony featuring Adam Conway

CHAUVETĀ® DJ presents Master the Ceremony: Tips from Top Mobile Entertainment Companies. This video series shares career tips from top mobile DJs and entertainment...

CHAUVET DJ Master the Ceremony featuring Adam Weitz

Learn some tips from Adam Weitz - executive director of A# Sharp Production. Weitz is a nationally recognized entertainer who speaks at trade shows...

DJ Spotlight: Mike Walter

By Stacy Zemon When Jerry Rice was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame, he said in his induction speech that throughout his entire career...

Featured DJ: Chicagoland’s Shani Barnett

By Stacy Zemon In the heavily male-dominated DJ industry, one woman's talent has jettisoned her to the top of the heap. Shani Barnett is not...

DJ Spotlight: DJ Flip (Rick Sajorda)

An in-depth interview with DJ Flip (Rick Sajorda) about the roots of his entertainment career, from musician - to actor - to DJ.

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