Floyd Rose Audio Headphones Headlines Any Performance With Class

By Ray Martinez (Ray Mar)

As a veteran in the DJ industry for five decades, I have seen many changes in technology from turntables to speakers, mixers to headphones. One of the latest and greatest advancements I have witnessed is the production of Floyd Rose Audio FR-18 Series Headphones.

The modern design blended with meticulous development of detail is second to none. The sound quality and functionality is far superior to any headphones on the market. The superior quality of these headphones are not compromised in any way due to the extremely affordable prices that any DJ or musician would love. Another key component to the quality of the FR-18 Series is the noise isolation. I recently was traveling on a flight from Phoenix to Atlantic City for the DJ Expo. I was watching a movie with my FR-18 Series headphones and the sound not only was impeccable, but the noise isolation was so good that I actually missed the flight attendant going by with the cart for drink service. The last thing I heard before the movie ended was the captain’s announcement for passengers to prepare for landing. Was I impressed? You know it!

What else could anyone ask for in headphones you might ask? The headline is “Performance with Class.” Well two more things. First is the FR-18 Series headphones come in three stylish wood colors, Oak, Black and Mahogany.






These headphones are then placed in a classy decorative wooden box that other headphone companies who may skip a beat by putting them in a cardboard box.






The final step and classiest move yet by Floyd Rose Audio is they can personalize your headphones with your company logo or any design you desire. For the ladies out there who really know how to “dress to the nines” they can accessorize their headphone with some hip and stylish bling.






Many of my colleagues who know me, know that I am a huge supporter of the military. I will always be forever indebted to the men and women of the military who have sacrificed so much by defending our country and protecting our freedom. So I decided to have my personal headphones as a tribute to them.







The design started on a piece of paper, the artist then sanded down the wood and hand painted the military design on the headphones.







From there the headphones are sealed in resin preparing for the finished product. Upon completion the headphones are then reconnected and are ready for use and this is the result of my finished headphones which I proudly wear in honor of the troops.







Now you can see why Floyd Rose Audio FR-18 Series Headphones are my headphones of choice and that all musicians and DJs should wear proudly and with class.

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