Get an Attitude of “Grad”itude!

By Shayn Satten, “Teen Entertainment Specialist”

All school dance DJs know that May and June are big months for middle school, high school, and college graduations.

In a recent conversation with a few DJs, I asked how they viewed entertaining at grad parties.

To my surprise, all considered them to be just “quick, easy, play music, and then you’re done” type of events.

Oh, but they’re so much more than that…

A Hefty Referral Source and
a Monumental Occasion

Keep in mind that the teens who see you entertaining at school dances may want to hire you for their Sweet 16’s and Mitzvahs. And, the student adviser who hired you may want to bring you back for the school’s prom and homecoming dances.

It’s also very important to be sensitive to the fact that to the attendees, graduation parties are special events that symbolize their scholastic achievements as well as their moving on in school.

In my opinion, we DJs must understand the importance of these monumental occasions, and be honored to be part of making them special and memorable.

This is why having an attitude of “Grad”itude is so important!

Types of Graduation Parties

MIDDLE SCHOOL graduations usually take place after an average of 3 years of schooling from 6th to 8th grade.  Students will soon be moving into high school and leaving behind many friends as they enter different districts and vocational schools.

Sometimes, the middle school graduation parties are for children who are about to make a move with their parents and may not be returning for the next year.

It is imperative to find out these details prior to your event so you have the opportunity to highlight the child and mention how much they will be missed by their friends.  We must remember that these moments are sensitive times, but still joyous and exciting occasions!

HIGH SCHOOL graduations are vastly different.  They take place after 4 years of school from 9th to 12th grade.  In this time span, many students get involved with tons of life opportunities.  They have worked their first jobs, joined sports teams and clubs, and participated in vast amounts of extra-curricular activities and volunteer opportunities.

These events are a great marketing opportunity for your business because unlike the middle school parties, high school students have a very wide and diverse variety of social circles covering a lot more area rather than just within the confines of one building.

It is important to remember that these students generally have younger high school friends that may promote you or hire you for the next years graduation season.  These students are now leaving home, as well as leaving many of their friends behind as they move on to different colleges across the country.  Give these events your full attention so your clients’ friends and family can have one last hurrah!

COLLEGE graduations vary and are vastly different from the others. One major difference is that at College graduation parties, you will find an increased amount of alcohol and adult party atmosphere.

These events are generally the easiest because everyone is there to just have a great time because there is no more stress of schooling on their shoulders.

The clients at these parties are generally set into their social circles and their friends aren’t changing or going away.  They are preparing for their lives, their futures, and perhaps opening you to the wedding market that is coming down the road for them.

Open the Door

Be aware that any grad party can be the doorway that opens up for you into the school dance market, so give these events the care and attention they deserve!

How do you make graduation parties extra special?


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