How to Underscore your Weddings

By Elisabeth Scott Daley, WED®, ABC™, “A Passion for Performance”

Every client wants a fun wedding reception, but some also have a theme in mind, and it is our job to assist our clients and support that theme with a complementary musical underscore.

If they don’t have a theme, this is not your “cue” to pull out the “Kenny G” CD and call it a day. If there is not a theme, celebrate!  This means we have more room to play “outside the box” and include musical choices that match the preferences of our clients.

Everyone moment must be underscored to support the ambiance of the day, theme or not.

Whether a client wants an Island Getaway, Movie Mania, Italian Village, Romantic Winery, Fall Festival, Winter Wonderland or another theme, it’s our job to find tunes that augment and elevate their theme to another level during the portion of the day that isn’t dedicated to open dancing.

Matching the Music to the Theme

Some themes easily lend themselves to a representative soundtrack.  For example, the musical match to Island Getaway is rather simple to create, or so it seems.  But don’t forget that when you say “Island” music, some people think of Jimmy Buffett, others think of Bob Marley, others still will think of The Beach Boys or Carolina Shag Music.

Usually, most like a mixture of those favorites and everything in between. But even a theme that seems as simple as “Island Music” is not.  You must communicate with your clients.

Let’s say your couple loves to travel, and did so extensively while they were dating.  Each of their centerpieces is filled with photographic bouquets of their journey together so far.  What’s the soundtrack for that?

Well, first see where they traveled, and then put together a menagerie of music representing all those places, and voila…you’ve got the perfect soundtrack for the cocktail hour.

I know most DJs are not known for their diligent research, BUT if you need music to fit a theme and don’t know what to play, search “keywords” on “Google” and “iTunes,” and you will probably hit pay dirt in short order.

Romantic Comedy Soundtracks are Gold

Guys…do yourself a favor, it doesn’t matter if you go see the movie (though it helps), you need to buy every soundtrack available for “date movies” and “chick flicks.”

Why?  Because your prospective clients are listening to these very CDs.  Seriously, embrace your inner female.

Today’s wedding soundtracks should be as unique as each and every couple, whether they have a theme or not.  It’s time to step up and get creative!


  • Liz Daley, WED®, AWP™ - A Passion for Performance

    Liz Daley is a seasoned veteran of stage and screen and is the owner of Liz Daley Events, a boutique entertainment company in Virginia opened in 2004 that delivers dramatically different results. She got her first radio job at 16, but her passion for live entertainment moved her across the country performing from New York to Nashville as well as the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas! She works with brides and grooms to create Classic, Fun and Memorable wedding receptions. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Boston Conservatory of Music, she is a certified Wedding Entertainment Director® and the National President of the Wedding Entertainment Directors Guild® and an Accredited Wedding Planner™ with the Association of Bridal Consultants. She is currently co-hosting educational performance workshops for Wedding DJs and Masters of Ceremonies with Peter Merry, “The Fun Wedding Experts”.

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